Artists Andrea B. Stone and Rob Stone launched their own gallery in 2013, with a mission to connect art lovers with their high-quality, award-winning works. Collectors will be able to select and view art pieces in an intimate setting that highlights their individual styles.

Photographers for over twenty years, they have pursued their own unique artistic visions interpreting the man-made and natural world. Their works find the beauty of the everyday from the towering high-rises of a gleaming city to the natural beauty of Putah Creek.

Andrea Stone photographs modern architecture. She transforms ordinary urban structures into sublime portraits of the contemporary metropolis. In her work, the city becomes an illuminated stage, full of hypergraphic contrasts, rich geometries, and intimate surprises. She has created her own style that can only be described as works that lie at the intersection of photography and painting.

Andrea’s large-format images from cities across North America and Europe create life-size portals, summoning viewers into a world both familiar and completely new.

Rob Stone has explored the natural world in the remote wilderness through his landscape photography for two decades. Working primarily in black and white, he has documented man’s attachment to the landscape, the urge to despoil it, and then recreate it. His work exhibits the beauty of our surrounding community. He patiently captures nature at its most heightened state with drifting clouds, weathered trees, and the movement of the water in the creeks and ponds. His latest project “Hidden Treasure: Restoring Putah Creek” captures the grace and power of the natural world that is now reemerging from Monticello Dam to the Sacramento River.

The gallery is open for galas and private tours throughout the year. Rob & Andrea invite you to call to check gallery hours.


429 F Street, Suite 5, Davis, CA 95616
(530) 756-6319
[email protected]