The Art Theater of Davis is a volunteer group working to bring artistic theater to Yolo County, live dramatic performances that treat theatre as an art form, one worth fostering for the benefit of all.

Founded in 2013 by Timothy Nutter, the group has performed at the Veterans Memorial Theatre, Third Space, and local art galleries. They have produced plays by Chekhov, Ibsen, Pirandello, and Strindberg in original translations from Russian, Dano-Norwegian, Italian, and Swedish. Current members include actor Lisa Halko, translator Adam Siegel, and technical director Tim Kerbavaz. Newcomers are welcome to join with any level of theatre experience.

ATD is a project of the Yolo County Arts Council, which serves as a fiscal receiver for the group. Projects for 2016-17 include a two-week run of Molière’s one-act comedy, Impromptu at Versailles at the Pence Gallery (Oct. 21-29) and a spring production of Chekhov’s The Seagull.


Art Theater of Davis (Yolo County Arts Council)
P.O. Box 8250 ATTN: Art Theater, Woodland, CA  95776
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