Yolo Hospice is proud to support and partner with art in our community, incorporating elements of art to open up the conversation on challenging issues and to ease suffering at end of life. We have brought a number of artistic projects to the community. One of these was housing the photodocumentary “Grace Before Dying” about the prison hospice in Angola, LA, and making it available for public viewing. We also partnered with Alison Kent of Listen Ink to capture the Being Mortal Project of the Sacramento Valley through graphic recording; this partnership has produced an incredible collection of art pieces, depicting people’s experiences at our events, watching the film Being Mortal and discussing their own hopes and fears. We held an art show at our office to invite the community to see this art. We have begun an additional series of Easing Memory Loss events, screening the documentary film Alive Inside about music and memory, and inviting participants to a dance lesson, to build new neural pathways. Other projects include hosting an art show for local artist Cathy Speck; storing and displaying two pianos for the City of Davis during winter; and providing practice space for the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble. We are currently collaborating with the City of Davis to bring the international wall art project “Before I Die…” to Davis. We look forward to continuing to use art and partner in new ways to facilitate conversations that are difficult to have but necessary to help ease suffering at end-of-life.


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