Public Art Call – COVID-19 Memorial

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The Davis Cemetery District is installing a permanent COVID-19 memorial at the Davis Cemetery at 820 Pole Line Road. This memorial will feature a walking path, seating/reflection space, informational signage, and privacy landscaping. Visitors will walk along a path where they will walk through four to five archways, each designed to represent stages of the pandemic.

The district will commission an artist or group of artists to design and install mosaic art on each pre-installed pillar and mural art on each archway. The public art will visually enhance the COVID-19 memorial and will serve as the memorial’s primary visual focal point.

Within the safety constraints of the project and aesthetics of the cemetery, the artists will be able to explore their own artistic vision in partnership with the COVID-19 memorial subcommittee which consists of two district board members, listed below.

Complete details, budget, and application process can be found here:

Deadline to apply is March 15, 2024!